About SASA

The Skagit Airport Support Association (SASA) is a non-profit 501(c)6 founded over 15 years ago by a group of local Skagit Pilots and Aviation enthusiasts. Today, the Association has approximately 50 members

Our mission is to:
Develop, promote and preserve aviation and aviation related industry at Skagit Regional Airport.
Foster safe and efficient operation of the Airport to benefit the community. Enhance flying safety.
Advance the public awareness and interest in the beneficial use of aviation through educational and charitable means.

To achieve this, SASA represents airport user interests by active involvement with the public community groups, port commissioners, and airport management who meet regularly to discuss local airport and aviation issues, especially those related to aviation safety and the latest technology.

In the 15+ years since SASA was formed, the organization has had a profound impact on operations at the Skagit Regional Airport and has done much to promote the airport in the local community.

  • Established the hugely successful Bi-annual Tulip Festival Fly-in and Airshow.
  • Participated in the Skagit County?s urban development plan for Bayview Ridge.
  • Supported Kevin Ware?s election to the Port Commission.
  • Requested the Port to install lighting on the threshold of 4-22.
  • Collaborated with the Port to establish a fuel farm location allowing self-serve fuel.
  • Helped draw up an agreement for the staffing and housing of an on field fire truck.
  • Participated in drawing up standard operating procedures for helicopters
  • Assisted the Port to get the Unicom / CTAF frequency changed to 123.075.
  • Petitioned the Port to keep the NDB operational and to get the rotating beacon moved to a darker location on the field.
  • Helped retain the use of 4-22 by Notam when the Port and FAA threatened to close it.
  • Assisted the Port in establishing a noise abatement procedure.
  • Participated in drafting up new airport rules and regulation.
  • Instrumental in getting the BVS AWOS connected to the National Weather Service system.


Download the following:
Membership Form
print it, fill it out, and mail it along with $25 annual dues to:

15452 Airport Drive
Burlington, WA 98233

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