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Brief Biographical Information (photos):

Jay Findlay, President: <>

I grew up in Utah and Wyoming and started flying when I was in High School, and worked at the local airport. I had my Commercial License before I graduated. During my college years I worked as an A&P mechanic. The summer between my junior and senior year I got my first pilot job. I flew tours of Bryce Canyon. I graduated from Utah State University with a B.S. in Industrial Technology. After college, I moved to Las Vegas and started a part 135 air taxi business. I was also a partner in an aircraft maintenance business. I left Las Vegas to fly a Lockheed Electra freighter for a company based in Miami. I was flying as captain on the Electra when Northwest Airlines hired me. For the last 28 years I have been with Northwest, which is now Delta Air Lines.

Becky Goodell, Treasurer: <>

I graduated from the backseat of husband Jerry Burr J3 Cub with attainment of my Sport Pilot rating in May 2012. Navy pilots in the family facilitated an appreciation for flight but most powerful was a 15 minute seaplane ride at Lake Cushman as an 8 year-old that planted the initial love of flying seed. Never under estimate the power of a Young Eagle or other introductory flight. Born and raised in Seattle, Becky received a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Puget Sound in 1980 and promptly moved to the Skagit Valley. She is mother to 3 adult children and may yet seek a Private Pilot rating. Married to an innovator in aviation who is truly one with his plane, Becky aspires to landing their STOL aircraft with bush pilot skill. Pilot or passenger, the thought – “I’m so lucky to fly” accompanies every departure.

Brandon Holdeman, Secretary:

Dan Holden:

Keith Padgett:

Alan Anders: <>

Alan pursued a career in commercial art, computer animation at his own production company and at Dreamworks Animation. It was not until much later that he went on to finally
pursue his love of flying. In 20 years of flying he amassed over 3500 hrs, mainly in ex-military war birds. He earned his instrument, commercial, helicopter, fixed wing ratings, and
type ratings in the L-39 jet, T-28, and AD-4 Skyraider, and also flew the p-51 Mustang. As an air show performer, he flew the Skyraider for 16 years with the FA-18 E/F Super Hornet
with the Navy’s Tailhook Legacy Flight program, and flew the AT-6 Texan for four years with the Texan II trainer in the Air Force’s Texan Flight program. He is currently a pilot for
Heritage Flight Museum at Skagit Regional Airport, WA, where they operate 13 vintage military aircraft. Alan still continues to pursue artwork, mainly hot glass sculpture. He is also a very active whitewater kayaker. He lives in Anacortes Washington.

Ken Davies, Secretary: <>

I moved to the area in 1993 with the Navy and retired in 2001 after 25 years of Naval service. I received my Private pilot’s license in 1997. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in 2004. I graduated Columbia College of Missouri with an MBA in 2006. I served two terms as President of the Washington Pilot’s Association, Anacortes Chapter. I currently have and fly a Piper Cherokee 140.

Mike Dyberg <> or (253)906-7930

My father was a career officer and pilot in the Air Force so I grew up with an interest in flying. I hold a commercial pilot certificate for SEL and MEL and CFI certificate. In 2017 the FAA awarded me the Wright Brothers Master Pilot award. My career was not in aviation, but in business management and information technology. A few years in the Army as well. I have a degree in Finical Management and a masters in Project Management. My Wife and I moved to Skagit County in 2013. I became a Burlington Chamber of Commerce Ambassador and we have been very engaged with the community ever since. In January 2017 we started Dyberg Aviation for flight training. We plan to expand to a fleet of 5 aircraft or so, provide flying lessons, scenic flights, local charters and youth programs.

Bradley H. Clure, Webmaster <> or 360.610.7378

I grew up in Anacortes, however I consider my roots to be Idaho where my parents were born and I spend a few weeks each year. I have a lifelong intense interest in aviation and started lessons while at Whitman College where I majored in physics but emphasized geology, astronomy, and philosophy. I became intensely interested in information systems technology and computing during that time and founded a small company that specialized in deploying, servicing, and training engineers, architects, colleges, and other businesses in Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems. I also deployed many inventory control systems and have been involved in many small business start-ups and currently run a boutique web hosting company and do business and IT consulting for a select group of clients that I have known typically for many years. I am learning to fly a GlaStar and am enjoying the process tremendously. My other interests include doing just about anything with my wife who is an actress – including sailing, scuba, flambe cooking, gardening, or traveling. I also enjoy backcountry hunting, dog training, gardening, horseback riding, marksmanship, and working with non-profit companies to attempt to leave the world a better place then I found it – as I was taught as a Boy Scout.





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