KBVS Events:


COMMUNITY AVIATION DAY AT SKAGIT REGIONAL AIRPORT – The event was very well organized and attended with a good crowd.  The two flying seminars (The Proper Traffic Pattern and NAS Whidbey Controllers) were well attended by pilots and the Amelia Earhart seminar had high interest for all; these seminars were for WINGS credit, however, the ATC seminar was scheduled too late for credit.   Both flying aircraft and static display aircraft were well represented and there were a good number of fly-in aircraft, as well.  A number of  introductory flights were taken by visitors, as well as future Young Eagles sign-ups.  Thank you for all local enterprises that contributed to the day and those that brought displays of their aircraft related businesses. The day turned out great and the weather cooperated for a great fly day.  A special thank you for all the volunteers, CAP, Heritage Flight Museum, SASA members and the Port and Airport staff that kept the day working in a safe and active schedule.

AOPA ‘FLY BY NIGHT’ SEMINAR – The WINGS seminar was well attended at the Heritage Flight Museum.  A big thank you to Tom Curran for an excellent presentation bringing to ‘light’ both the safety needs and enjoyment of night flying.  Thank you also for the crew at Heritage for allowing the use of their special facility.  Attendees were from a number of outlying areas, and three planes flew in for the evening.  Refreshments were provided – thank you to the organizers for all the preparations.   For those not able to attend, plan on not missing the next presentations!

THE VIETNAM AIR WAR at Heriatage Flight Museum – This was a special WINGS presentation by Commander Bill Newman, A-4 pilot and Blue Angels commander.  The presentation was proceeded by flying the A-1 Skyraider and other era aircraft.  The day was well attended and the fascinating experience of Bill Newman kept listeners on the edges of their seats.  The weather for the afternoon flight schedule did not cooperate, but the Heritage Flight Museum allowed many memories to be exchanged by the attendees.  Thank you to the team at Heritage for the venue and needed preparations for this special presentation.

 SASA Squawk:

GEESE AND DUCKS EVERYWHERE!  Yes, it is that time of year when the Pacific Flyway is busy with migration of one our natural resources of waterfowl, raptors, and various aviary species.  They fly in at higher altitudes, but when they reside here for  winter, the waterfowl commute from the north bay areas of Chuckanut, Samish and Padilla Bays to other tidal areas to the south, like Skagit Bay, Port Susan and Saratoga Passage.  They fly at times of first light to after dark, often at typical pattern altitudes and higher.  There may be numbers from a few in a formation to many hundreds.  So, be vigilant in your flying to look for other aircraft, as well as those other flying members of the sky! Common areas locally for circling to land are east of Avon Allen Road, Northeast and North of Bayview Hill adjacent to Avon Allen and Josh Wilson Roads.  Young birds are unfamiliar with the local aircraft, especially raptors that reside near the airport properties, so give them their space whenever possible.  Safe skies for all!
A recent bird strike over Puget Sound by a Cessna 182 resulted in 1 foot of the prop breaking off, and eventually the prop broke loose from the flange due to the vibration during landing.  Keep a keen eye out for these  waterfowl at morning and evening movement times.

ARLINGTON FLIGHT SERVICE FUEL BUYERS CLUB – AFS offers a considerable discount on 100LL. Sign up and get a Fuel Card w/chip so that filling your aircraft is simple and get considerable savings.  At $4.65 per gallon, Fuel Club member price is about ~$4.10 per gallon at this time.  Call AFS for details – 360-435-5700

FLIGHT OPERATIONS AT KBVS – Flight operations in almost all categories continue to increase with single engine piston continuing to rise above 86% of the airport use.  Most other categories (ME Piston, Turbine, Jet and Helicopter) have remained fairly consistent, as well.  Skagit Regional is a real economic asset to our Skagit Valley community.

Flyer’s Restaurant and Brewhouse!   At Skagit Regional Airport – 360.899.1025
Website: – They Brew Their Own Beers – Lagers – Pilsners – Porters

HERITAGE FLIGHT MUSEUM FLIGHT OPERATIONS – HFM flies each 2nd Saturday of the month April through October;  the high performance aircraft use unique speed reduction pattern maneuvers which are diagrammed and explained on their website.  The HFM is open 10am – 4pm, Thursday thru Saturdays.  Please refer to their website for additional information and volunteer opportunities.  Visiting aircraft frequent these fly days, so things are not the same each month.

SOCIAL FLIGHT – Get the app for your handheld device, here.  There are hundreds of activities announced each month from fly-ins, meetings, seminars, $100 Hamburgers, etc.  Current activities can be cued to your opening screen to get your attention.  SASA will be using this in addition to our website, especially for our regional events of interest for an easy communication outlet.

MEMBERSHIP – SASA will continue to attract members. Click to Membership and renew for 2018, if you haven’t done so.  We will continue to endeavor to hold membership seminars and fun meetings as time permits.  WE NEED YOUR INPUT AND SUGGESTIONS FOR POSSIBLE IDEAS that are pertinent and of quality that will interest members.  Quarterly meetings would be great, so come up with some activity we can all enjoy.

SkyVector.Com, AOPA Flight Planner & Try these websites as a quick resource to see Metar Weather over the U.S. and Canada, all U.S. Charts including Sectionals, Low Altitude and High Altitude charts, Airport Information, Fuel Prices, also includes other flight planning tools.  For more FLIGHT PLANNING TOOLS see PILOT INFO on the Tool Bar of the SASA website.  Hopefully, a seminar reviewing several of these sites can be organized in the future, as well as several of the cockpit apps available for navigation help & flight safety.

SASA BOARD – This body continues to be a communication and advisory group for Skagit Regional.  The Port sees SASA as a valued quality group which helps the airport complete is mission for all activities and is well advised by its members.  Continue to give us input via attendance, email or phone calls.  The Board meets the 1st Friday of each month at 3pm at the Port boardroom in the terminal building at Skagit Regional Airport.  You are welcome to attend as a visitor.  If you wish to participate or introduce new business, please contact the SASA Secretary 10 days prior to the meeting, so your interests and concerns can be put on the agenda and be heard. Please be well prepared so your concerns are in a concise and informative presentation, with copies for the board, if that is appropriate for the information.

WASHINGTON PILOTS ASSOCIATION – a chapter is forming through Cascade Aviation’s Ken Davies, who is a board member of WPA and a SASA board member.  IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF SASA, EAA or AOPA,  you can be a member of WPA as an ‘Affiliate Member’ at large, for $30.00 (a 25% reduction of dues at $40.00).  Be sure to note on your membership application your membership in SASA, AOPA OR EAA, as a recognized aviation group, and that you are joining as an AFFILIATE MEMBER.  You can join as a ‘Regular Member’ of this new chapter for $40.00 by contacting Cascade Aviation.  See the WPA By-Laws for the information on AFFILIATE MEMBERS at

AIRCRAFT WASHING – Washington State Dept. of Ecology is requiring the Port to ensure that all Aircraft are not washed in any area where runoff can get into the storm water system. Aircraft can be washed on surfaces that are pervious, ie: grass and dry washing in your hangar is fine. The Port has a car wash kit that you can borrow for wet washing. They are currently designing a wash stand that will meet the DOE rules and will replace the one situated by Vertex Aviation. We know that this is a pain, but please work with the Port on this issue, it is not their fault! For answers to any questions, contact: Sara Young or call (360) 757-0011.

AOPA FLY-IN – At April’s Board meeting, discussion and support was approved for a future AOPA FLY-IN! According to Fly-In parameters, Skagit Regional Airport is an ideal location for this event being outside the Class B airspace.  Ken Davies is the lead on the application as this could happen within the next couple of years,  possibly 2019 or 2020.  Many permissions, support committments,  and volunteers need to be anticipated prior to AOPA selecting Skagit as a location.  It is hoped that the application can be ready for the next selection period.  The 2016 Fly-In at Bremerton was a fun event and resounding success with over 600 aircraft.